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The Central Ohio and
West Virignia CFC is on Facebook!

2014 Campaign Goal

Goal: $1,160, 000

Currently Raised: $503,022

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2014 Campaign Kicks Off

2014 Campaign Chair, Rear Admiral, SC, USN John King with fellow Agency Directors who signed the CFC commitment board, pledging their support of CFC.

CFC of Central Ohio and West Virginia's request for PCFO Proposal

The Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC), is soliciting applications from federated groups, charitable organizations or a combination thereof, interested in being considered to serve as the Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) for the 2015 Central Ohio and West Virginia Combined Federal Campaigns (CFC).

Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) Proposal

Important Charity Updates

*Please inform donors this list when selecting a chartiy to donate to

Charities inadvertently omitted from guide

Charity Name
Correct 5 Digit Code
A Special Wish Foundation, Dayton Chapter
Birthright of Columbus
Nine Mile Run Watershed Association
United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley, Inc
United Way of Marion County

In Charity Guide Book Only

*Code duplications - please see 5 Digit Code column for correct code

Charity Name
Correct 5 Digit Code
Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National
Park (pg.10)
19654 - Correct Code
(Shown correct in Index Pg.123, Incorrect on Pg. 10 Listing)
Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio (pg.15) 62018 – Correct Code
(Shown correct in index Pg.121, Incorrect on Pg. 15 Listing)

Upcoming Key dates

October 30 - DFAS Talent Show October 31 – Halloween party- US DISTRICT COURT CLERK OFFICE AND PROBATION DEPT

November 3 - Chili Cook Off- Department of Veteran Affairs, Medical Center - Huntington, WV

November 5 - Chili Cook Off- Department of Veteran Affairs, Medical Center – Chillicothe

November 6 - Charity Fair- DFAS

November 12-13 - White Elephant & Book Sale - DFAS

November 17 - Tailgate - Geological Survey, Ohio Water Science Center

November 25 - Chili Cook Off- US District Court Clerk and US Probation Office

December 3 - Basket Auction - DFAS

December 9 – Silent Auction - Department of Veteran Affairs, Medical Center - Huntington, WV